January 23rd, 2023 | 213 Views

3 questions you must get clarity on in 2023 to find your life purpose.

When we ask the right questions, we always receive the answers we need, sooner or later. That's just always how it happens.  Let me share with you 3 potent questions that can assist you in finding your life-purpose in 2023.  Create uninterrupted space for yourself and meditate on these questions or journal them. It´s important not to overanalyze your answers. Write out your answers very intuitively, without overthinking them. If you don´t get an answer immediately, trust that the answers will reveal themselves to you in divine timing. Here are the 3 questions, may they activate your deepest soul answers and remembrance. 1. If I only had a few more days/weeks left to live, what would matter the most to me? And how would I spend my ti

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