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(Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.)


Today’s January 10, 2021, and I bought the Divi WordPress Theme by starting at $249 for lifetime access.

Since Hemma and I decided to make into a media company, I figured it’d be a good thing (I hope) to document as much as possible about what we’re doing, tools we’re using, why.

There are lots of reasons I chose to buy Divi Theme, but I’ll only share 3 main reasons why to keep it simple:


#1 It Looks Really Simple To Use

I don’t have time. I got Divi Theme because, from what I saw and the reviews it already has, it’s going to be a simple theme to use and publish instead of taking weeks to figure out.

When Hemma and I first decided to switch from Wix to WordPress, I didn’t want to move to WordPress because when I built my first WordPress website almost 10 years, it was a hassle for me. I didn’t know how to code and it would take me hours to figure out something that today probably takes someone minutes or seconds to figure out.

Obviously, WordPress has come a long way since 2012, there are lots of upgrades to WordPress (like a ridiculous amount of premium themes and plugins) I’m seeing that wasn’t around almost 10 years ago and since Divi Theme looks so similar to Wix’s web builder interface, I felt this was the theme to invest in.


#2 Divi Theme’s Email Plugin: “Bloom”

My requirements for taking from Wix to WordPress meant we had to build a website that gave us FULL control over every aspect of our site.

During the beginning of the 2020 COVID lockdown, I saw influencers on YouTube and Facebook get de-platformed for sharing alternative information about COVID. I felt that was wrong of the technocrats to remove those influencers’ accounts for expressing themselves and since I refuse for that to happen to us, I needed an alternative to housing our content on social media.

Prior to 2020, I also knew of a YouTuber that got their account deleted at almost 300k subscribers, which hurt their income, so more incentive to not let that happen to It only made sense to me moving forward to build our website independent of social media and use the most simple marketing strategy: EMAIL. That’s when I noticed “Bloom.”

After taking a look at the Divi Theme, I noticed the “Bloom” plugin and felt it had the right vibe for For, we needed the easiest way to build a nice looking website (check to Divi), then we needed a simple way of building an email list (check to Bloom).

The displays and features for the Divi Theme Bloom plugin look beautiful and customizable (I’m not a web builder by trade so this is the best I can say about it). The email plugin just looks good and that’s what I care about – the way looks and works. And that was the second reason for me to spend the $249.


#3 Lots Of Video Tutorials On Divi Theme / 5 Star Reviews

3 Reasons I Bought Divi WordPress Theme To Build - reviews

Like I mentioned in reason #1 for buying Divi Theme – I don’t have time.

It looks like the Divi Theme creators put a ton of work and love into their product because there’s a lot of resources I can watch on how to set up the theme from random YouTube accounts, without trying to figure it out on my own or reading through long support docs.

Plus (and I’ve never seen this before) Divi Theme has over 12,000 5 star reviews on That signals to me this would be worth the $249.


Main Reason I Bought Divi Theme: Easy To Set Up

I’ll make a follow-up post sharing my thoughts on Divi Theme after I’ve set everything up, but overall I bought Divi because I need something easy that reminds me of Wix in terms of ease to set up and saves me time. IF this theme does what I see it doing and the reviews are legit, then the $249 would be a steal.

I am curious though: do you have a website of your own? How did you build your site? Has your website been helping you live your Purpose? Do you know what your Life Purpose is? Let me know.

Until Next Time.

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