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3 Steps To Heal And Balance Your Sexual Energy To Live Your Purpose And Fullest Potential.

Massive purgings and clearings are happening all over the planet, for all life. Humanity is being called to purify and heal their bodies, minds, and spirit. Old drama, old wounds, and pain, that were hidden in the unseen, all want to come back into the light so that we can heal, clear and purify ourselves. This must happen so that we can ascend individually and collectively and go to the next stages of our evolution.  A major topic that we are all being faced with, whether you are aware of it or not is sexual energy / our lifeforce energy.  It is time that we truly understand the purpose and power of this energy and clear any distortions around it. For you to live your purpose, here on this planet, you have to clear, heal and bal

It’s Time To Unleash YOUR Life Purpose If… You’re a Lightworker.

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December 12th, 2022

Lifepurpose Motivation

December 16th, 2022