February 1st, 2021 | 515 Views

3 Things You Must Know About “The Compound Effect” To Manifest Your Life Purpose.

The quality of your life solely depends on your ingrained habits. Your habits either make you or break you. Every moment of our lives is reshaped by the quality of our habitual thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. Changing a habit means changing your life, hence changing your very reality. The habits we practice, some knowingly, others unknowingly are fueled by 2 main forces: Love and Fear. Habits that are based on love, will align you quickly with your greatest and highest timeline / your Life-purpose vs. habits that are based on fear, will do the opposite.   1. Your life is the result of your daily habits, routines, and patterns. Where you are today is simply the result of the habits that you practiced in the past. Now let us und

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