January 26th, 2023 | 156 Views

8 Step Process To Receive Clarity On Your Lifepurpose

  This exercise can give you profound clarity on your life purpose. I highly recommend you do this exercise regularly, once a day for 21 days. If you receive clarity on the first day that's great. The more you do it the more clarity and guidance will come through for you. Trust the step-by-step process and be open to receiving miracles. How to do this exercise:  Step 1: Go for a walk in nature and set the intention to cleanse and purify your mind and energy and to be centered in your presence.  Step 2: When you return from your walk, create a safe and uninterrupted space, just for yourself where you can be in total silence. Step 3: Get a journal, a notebook, or just a pen and paper. Perhaps, get some colored pencils, a can

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