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December 21st, 2020 | 395 Views

December 21, 2020 Message From The Galactic Federation On

Transcript of audio message dated December 21, 2020:   Citizens of Earth, Hello and Welcome to this Broadcast. I am a representative from the Council. We go by different names. Some may say “Ashtar Command”, others might say “Galactic Federation,” however they are all, in essence, one in the same, tasked with the same purpose, which is now becoming known to you. For some time, the world, what you call reality as it seems, has not been true. There has been a deception, however, it is during that time where many things are being pulled to the surface and exposed. Celebrities, Government, beings that have held positions of power are all now at a pivot point. A decision must be made moving forward in the days, wee

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