March 23rd, 2023 | 309 Views

Five Valuable Realizations I Gathered In My 20´s About My Life Purpose.

  As I just turned 30 this year, I reflected on the last ten years of my life. I gathered five valuable realizations about my purpose, and the subject of life-purpose, in general. During the last ten years of my life, I got a lot of clarity on my purpose in life, why I'm here on Earth, what I would love to do and create in my lifetime. I trust that these realizations I share with you here can be insightful and perhaps give you a "shortcut" for your life in terms of finding and remembering what your own purpose is.  The first realization: Living a life on purpose means living a life of service. I realized that I feel at ease and fulfilled when I can be of service to a bigger cause/purpose than just myself. I feel that I live truly

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