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Becoming clear on your purpose, knowing the very reason why you are here, your mission in this lifetime is not hard, it is not difficult. The secret is for you to raise your vibration and to get into vibrational alignment with your life purpose.

Imagine your purpose as the highest and truest expression of your essence, your soul. You can not think or rationally understand your purpose into existence. Your purpose comes from deep within, it’s your essence, your soul’s calling.

Instead of you chasing your life purpose or trying to figure out what your life purpose really is and means to you, how about you take a different approach?
Instead of focusing too much on finding answers on what exactly your life purpose is, focus instead on raising your vibration.

What does it mean to raise your vibration?

It means to release, to let go of everything that weighs you down. Imagine it like a scale, you want the scale to be in balance, if you put a heavy weight on only one side of the scale, it is not in balance anymore.
If you put two equally sized weights on both sides of the scale, you will have balance. So, you have to ask yourself, where can you create more balance in your life and where are you out of balance?

In which areas of your life do you feel weighed down? Take off the pressure, take off the weight of those areas of your life and free yourself of everything that weighs you down, so you can find balance again.

Balance is what you can consider having your own vibrational alignment.

It’s when you feel at ease, when you feel balanced, when you feel centered, when you feel grounded. That is perhaps one of the most important steps to having a high vibration. From there you continue to build and raise your vibration.

Make sure that what you put into your body, what you put into your mind, what you nurture and feed your body, mind and spirit with is of a positive nature.

Pay attention to how if makes you feel.

When you go about your day, the people you meet, the food you eat, the content you consume, – pay attention to how it feels to you. If it feels light, if it feels good, that is a clear sign that your vibration is high.

However, if your feeling is off, if you feel irritated, anxious or nervous, then it is a clear sign that your vibration is being lowered. It requires you to get to a new level of self awareness and to be conscious in each and every moment of your life, to really be in tune with how you feel and your vibrational state.

As long as you feel good and harmonious, or at least neutral, you know that you are on the right track of raising your vibration more and more. But when something feels off, or all of a sudden you feel tired or drained, ask yourself what is going on in this very moment that caused these feelings of unease to arise.

Then change it, let it go, change your focus to something that will raise your vibration again, to something that makes you feel good again. This can be as simple as thinking a new, positive thought or thinking about what you can be grateful for in this very moment.
This is how you raise your vibration, every day and moment of your life, by being aware of how you feel, by being aware of your emotional state and your surroundings, your environment and how it influences your state of being.

Love it, leave it or change it.

If something does not feel right to you, remember that you always have a choice. You can either accept it or change it, by changing your reaction to it or you just let it be, let go of it, detach yourself from it.

Your life purpose is the truest and highest expression of yourself, your soul, your essence. If you are in a balanced and harmonious state and your vibration is high, you automatically will be in connection, in resonance, in harmony with your very purpose and even if you have no idea what your life purpose is as of right now, have faith and trust that by raising your vibration continuously, your life purpose will be revealed, will be unleashed and you will receive everything you need to know about the reason why you are here.

To your Victory,
Hemma Allmann

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