November 30th, 2022 | 104 Views

The 6 Biggest Consequences You Must Be Aware Of, When You’re Not Living Your Lifepurpose.

The 6 Biggest Consequences You Must Be Aware Of When You're Not Living Your Life Purpose.   We live in a collective world where everything we do, think and say has a consequence and also everything we don't do, don’t say, and don’t think has a consequence too. Therefore, there are consequences involved when you don't live your true purpose. In this post, I am listing the five biggest consequences of not living your life purpose.   1. You're wasting your life, time, and energy.  You easily get lost and distracted in the outer world by things, people, situations & experiences, which do not add much to your happiness and overall fulfillment.  But you end up engaging in those things with the hope that they would

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